A lot has been said about the power of love;
Rumi said:
Love holds a master key
It is for opening life’s closed doors.

In mysticism, true love is the love toward God as all other types of love although beautiful too, are worldly and all worldly qualities are transient. The kind of love referred to in this piece of poetry, and the way the poet is expressing, also seems to be toward a supreme Beloved; a supreme existence before the beginningless to eternity; a supreme beauty. The lover is bewildered by the Earth and heavens. And then comes falling in love towards the true Beloved, and the beauty of His Eyes witnessed by the lover through the signs and traces God left in His creation and in the universe. What is involved in this pure love is neither the mind nor the heart. It is a craziness in love; a mystical vision through which the lover arrives at truth and finally at the lover’s own reality and pure consciousness.

It was only when I was translating this poem; I noticed the poet is talking about a “fire” and “earth” which it took me a while to understand.

In Abrahamic religions, Satan or the Devil was an angel that disobeyed God when commanded by Him to bow before His new and “perfect creation!”. This new creation was human. All angels obeyed God and bow before human, the Devil however, refused to do so. (God had lots of hopes in humans; He is probably disappointed by now). Anyway, Satan argued that he belongs to a higher station than human because God created him from fire while man is created by God from some earth and mud. To punish Satan for his disobedience, God expels him from the heaven. Since then, Satan vowed to deceive human into doing evils and wrongdoings. (And we see he is quite successful in it)
Now, the poet probably implying to this and asserting that it is the Love that made the means of creation through “fire” and “earth” insignificant and brought this dispute to an end, and his falling in Love, had the Devil finally bowing before man. This should make sense, because it is the absence of love in man that opens the door for the Devil to his inner dimension and hence doing evils and wrongdoings of all types. But when there is love in the heart of human, form this love emanates awareness. It is in this state of awareness that the Devil will lose his power to deceive human. It is just like Satan has finally submitted to God and bowed before human providing that man is a true lover of the true Beloved, God.

Poet: Afshin Yadollahi

When the nonexistence was being torn apart by the hands of creation,
When the eternity was creating Your Eyes before the beginningless,
When the Earth was praising Your beauty in heavens,
When the thirst was savoring You with my tears,
I fell in love with Your eyes;
without the mind, without heart.
I don’t know if this is sanity or insanity.
A love so spontaneous,
And the world was contained all in that moment,
And that instance that Your Eyes
stole me from the depth of my own eyes,
When I fell in love,
Satan bowed before my name,
Human became more earthly,
And the world bowed before human
I remained alone with Your Eyes.
“fire” and “earth” became insignificant
I don’t know if this is sanity or insanity.
I fell in love with Your Eyes;
And perhaps much deeper,
Something beyond certainty,
Arriving at Truth,
Arriving at myself
The beginning and end of this story then,
was the feeling of watching You,
and only remained my reflection,
in the pupils of Your eyes.

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