Table of Contents

The Journey’s Path Signs

Part One | Awakening, Awareness & Conscious Living

Chapter 1 | the Inner Treasure
How I Came Up With This Book

What You Gain From This Book
Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Chapter 2 | What happened to us
“I,” the Mask of Personality
The Planet’s Circle of Suffering
Social Systems and their Solutions

Chapter 3 | Spirituality
Spirituality in a Few Words
The Two Worlds
Liberation and Peace

Chapter 4 | Awareness
Conscious Living
Simplicity, A Forgotten Virtue
Happiness vs. Contentment
One Body to Live In, One Brain to Live With

Chapter 5 | Illusions & Emotions
The product of self-unawareness
The Universal Flow & Illusion of Time
Depression: The Vicious Circle

Chapter 6 | Inner Skills
Tolerance & Submission
Sleep and Insomnia
Beating Insomnia
True Love and Relationships
Persistence of Love
Inner Prerequisite for Relationships
A Conscious Shared Life
How to Cope with a Separation

Chapter 7 | Oneness with the Planet & the Universe
Ego and the Planet
Joining the Eternity

Part Two | Mysticism & the Masters of Awareness

Chapter 8 | Mysticism

Chapter 9 | Mystical Dimensions
Philosophy of Yoga
Practical or Hatha Yoga
Philosophy of Buddhism
Zen Meditation or Zazen
Christian Mysticism
Philosophy of Spinoza

Chapter 10 | The Masters of Awareness
Lao Tzu (Laozi)
The Buddha
Mansur Hallaj
Ibn Arabi
Meister Eckhart
Women Mystics

Part Three | Science & the Conscious Universe

Chapter 11 | Science-Wisdom Connection

Chapter 12 | The Macroscopic World
Cosmology – A Brief History
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
The Vast Cosmos

Chapter 13 | The Microscopic World
Wonders of Atoms
Secrets of Quantum Mechanics
Wave-Particle Duality
Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Tunnelling
Unified Field & Superstring Theories

Chapter 14 | Natural Systems
Mathematics in Nature
Intelligence & Communications of Plants
Organization in Ant Colonies

Chapter 15 | The Conscious Universe
Universal Information
Universal Intelligence
Universal Consciousness

Chapter 16 | Body, Mind & Consciousness
Body-Mind Connection
Mind vs. Consciousness
Source of Consciousness
Machine and Nature
The Universe beyond Physical Dimensions
Who is at Fault?
Extended Mind

Chapter 17 | Justara: The Conscious Planet
The Aliens’ Visit
The Memoir
The Final Words
Notes and References