They used to say any number even a 1 divided by zero results the infinity. Well nowadays this equation is an old school and not accepted by the modern mathematics as the infinity is really undefined. Numbers not only go to infinity in their integer form but also in the form of decimal and negative numbers. However, our universe and its space also go to the infinite in all dimensions. Therefore, also in the physical dimensions the infinity remains undefined. The problem is that human mind cannot fathom the concept of infinity in physical dimension and specifically that of the universe, but why?  Let us consider this common question “How big is the universe?”  (The term “universe” here of course is not what is known as the observable universe rather the entirety of existence beyond what has been observed by science and our space telescopes).

I believe one of the reasons that we can never answer this question, is because it is the question itself which is wrong in the universal level. When the question is wrong, it will not have any answer either. The question of “how big is the universe?” is an earthly question. It is within the limitation of our planet, humans, human brain and the physical realities that we as humans have experienced through our senses throughout our evolution. We cannot solve a universal problem with an earthly question.

The physical realities that we are used to for understanding the dimensions are limited by boundaries. When we ask how big or large something is, we are expecting to discover the boundaries of the inner dimensions of that physical object relative to its outer boundaries in which that object is situated. And here is the problem; if even hypothetically any scientific system tells us exactly how big the universe is and gives us its exact dimensions, it would mean it is defining boundaries around that dimension. Now the questions are; what are those boundaries made of and what is beyond those boundaries and what is it made of? Here again, we as humans start scratching our heads and while we remain confused, the universe as an intelligent organism while observing human in this state of confusion, his knowledge and his quest to discover the mysterious universe, will give a kind smile to him and says “nice try”.

For the universe to be an open infinite system or a closed system there probably exist other dimensions beyond the three physical dimensions and one dimension of time known to us; mysterious dimensions that either are so far from us to understand them or too close to us to see or feel them. In any case, this is the mystical property of the universe relative to human and his power of intelligence.

I will be writing more on the mystical dimensions of the universe in my future posts. To read more please check out the Table of Contents and a preview of my Book “The Two Worlds” on Amazon

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