In addition to the outer world that we interact with in our lives, human also has an inner world. The inner world is man’s inner dimension. This inner dimension is the true nature of the human. The true nature is pure, natural and peaceful without any impurity. We all start with this pure nature in our childhood and live in it for a while. That is why we refer to children being innocent. This innocence has a deeper meaning than sinless. What we observe in them is actually their pure nature or their inner world interacting with the outer world.

Ego on the other hand is layer or layers that gradually form and cover this pure being or the true nature and disconnects us from our inner dimension. These layers start to form through after childhood and continue forming and getting thicker during the rest of our lives. Of course the thickness of layers depends on the environment and society that we are brought up. None of the negative emotions and human’s misbehavior has anything to do with man’s true nature. An unaware mind and its unaware thoughts sometimes feed the ego and the result of this cooperation is negative emotions and feeling and suffering on the individual and collective level. But there are a few components that make these layers of ego. A few of these mental layers are as follow:

  • Accumulated suffering – This is a life time emotional experiences accumulated and the bitter ones wound human psych and stays with the person in the form of emotional wound. Accumulated suffering usually is hidden, but it shows itself when it encounter an external situation, and just like a physical wound it hurts when exposed to outside.
  • Realities and illusions (such as illusion of time) – Time is an illusion. There is only one single present moment that is always true and eternal. The past and future is tow illusory dimensions of time that not only are not accessible but also psychological identification with them and mentally dwelling in past and future lowers the quality of human life. Compulsive thinking and overthinking always are about the events in the past or future. What come out of uncontrolled thoughts are always negative emotions, and what follows negative emotions could be unconscious behavior or actions.
  • Environmental and social acquisitions – Norms, traditions and social Dos and Don’ts in environment and society shape human personality. Humans think, behave and act based on their personality. None of these outputs are initiated from man’s inner dimension but what from what it can be referred to as mask of personality. In fact a synonym for the word “Persona” in Latin is “mask”

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