The quality of humans’ lives both individually and collectively, normally is determined through three systems; the deterministic portion, environmental-social and free will portion. It is often believed that humans can only affect the quality of their lives through the freewill portion. However, if we look deeper, humans not only can affect the quality of their lives both individually and collectively through free will but also through the other two systems as well or at least change or affect the output of the deterministic and environmental-social portions.

The quality of such changes strongly depends on man’s awareness. However, this type of awareness is beyond qualities such as intelligence, education, aptitude, social status or wealth. There is a deeper faculty in man that is normally veiled by the ego, the shaped mind and its thoughts, beliefs acquired through environment, social norms and institutions.

The implicit and explicit forms of suffering on individual and collective levels as well as all the problems we are witnessing on the surface of planet including poverty, wars and climate changes are the result of this specific type of hidden or undiscovered awareness in man. When this awareness is veiled, all social defects and human suffering appear to be normal to us. For example, if we find it normal or acceptable that every a few seconds a child quietly dies on this civilized planet, then this unawareness is neither normal nor acceptable. If we find the ever intensifying deep social class gap, the unimaginable disproportionate distribution of wealth on the planet, then it means that the social norms and institutions have shaped our minds in such a way to accept a deluded reality which is far from the truth. The truth is that most of these problems simply could be avoided or minimized in our civilized world. These accepted or unnoticed realities are in fact contaminated by all kinds of illusions. Modern man by accepting or not noticing these shaped realities or by being indifferent to them effectively contribute to their persistence. This can also be equated to a state of social “asleep” the same way that in spiritualism, illusion of senses, illusion of time or illusion of being separated from the universe is referred to as a state of asleep. That is why, in spiritualism, there is an inner shift known as “awakening”; discovery of a state of awareness called “consciousness”.

Spiritual teachings and books normally focus on the delusions on the personal level. They help individuals to liberate themselves from these delusions and attachments. This liberation ultimately leads man to unconditional happiness, peace and improves the quality of his life.

The goal of “the Two Worlds” does not end at discovering only man’s inner world. It seeks to find a window that opens to the infinite. It is through this window that man can more clearly see the outer world of forms and matter and the unnoticed deluded realities that ultimately are causing suffering on the surface of the planet. Through this level of awakening individuals not only liberate themselves from the inner world delusions and enjoy the fruit of such liberation, but also contribute to the collective consciousness, which can result the end of suffering on the planet level.

“The Two Worlds” in its first part identifies as many as deluded realities of our world both on individual and planet levels. And at the same time, introduces solutions including spiritual realization, self-discovery and provides enough soft skills to the seeker to enter a new conscious way of living. The third part discusses wonders of nature and the universe through a deeper level of philosophical and mystical observation, as well as through scientific findings. In this part interesting subject matters such as quantum mechanics in microscopic world and cosmology in macroscopic world are discussed. It also identifies the distinction between consciousness, the mind and its intelligence through a rational window by comparing artificial intelligence and natural intelligence on the planet. The second part in the book acts as a bridge connecting the first part, awakening and self-discovery and the third part by introducing the spiritual and mystical dimensions of schools of thoughts and creed systems. In this part I have used translations of beautiful poetry from great poets such as Rumi and quotes from men and women of wisdom to help the reader to see the relationship between the outer world of material and the inner world of soul and consciousness.

It is through this awareness that a door opens before us, a door to the infinite, to infinity which helps us to reach a level of awakening and enlightenment. The result of this awakening is a meaningful life, living life fully, unconditional happiness and end of suffering on individual level. It is the collection of conscious beings and the quality of their lives, their peacefulness and happiness that build conscious social institutions and in a longer term leads to peace and happiness on collective level and end of suffering on the planet.

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